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Digno kaj justeco por ĉiu el ni

Dignidad y justicia para todas y todos

Dignité et justice pour nous tous

Dignity and justice for all of us
Lingvaj Rajtoj - Derechos Lingüísticos - الحقوق اللغوية - Droits Linguistiques - ЯЗЫКОВЫЕ ПРАВА - Linguistic Rights - 语言权 - 언어권리


A scientific communicator, Cesco deals with games, languages and maths, creating festivals, exhibitions and talks. He speaks more than 10 languages, including Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Esperanto, and holds the IPA certificate in phonetics, as well as the ILEI certificate as Esperanto teacher. He is also UN representative for the World Esperanto Association, coorganiser of the World Polyglot Gathering and the creator of Limbas, language seminar in Italy.

Visit his YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/user/matematikemulo/playlists


www.youtube.com/EsperantoTv - Interventions of the representatives of the Universal Esperanto-Association (UEA) at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland.

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